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How is Trail's Best beef jerky different than the rest

Trail's Best takes pride in the manufacturing of our beef jerky, just like we have for over 50 years.

What kind of meat does Trail's Best use to make beef jerky

We use premium inside rounds to make our delicious whole muscle jerky. 

Is Trail's Best beef jerky a nutritious snack

Yes, whether you are eating our meat snacks as a meal replacement or a between meal snack, beef jerky is one of the most satisfying, healthy snacks that you can consume. Due to the large amount of natural protein, iron and other essential minerals, it makes jerky a reduced calorie alternative to many other choices on the market, and satisfies hunger longer.

Does Trail's Best ingredients containing allergens

Specific products will have allergens which will be disclosed on the ingredient statements. Please click through to the Ingredient tab on each specific product for more information.

Should Trail's Best beef jerky be refrigerated after opening

We recommend that if you have not fully consumed your entire bag of beef jerky within 3 days that you refrigerate the remaining portion to keep the product as fresh as possible.